hello, I'm TedWeb & UI Designerbased in Woollahra, Sydney

What I Do


Research, plan & prototype to set the project's path and create detailed wireframes.


Apply creative skills to design smart & simple solutions that feel natural to users.


Love to use html & css magic to get all pieces of a puzzle come together in browsers.

Who I am


I enjoy creating something
simple & elegant out of nothing ...

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Fireworks


... and challenge myself
to get creative ideas flowing online

  • html5\css3
  • JS\jQuery
  • Wordpress


My Passion
& Things I love

I enjoy creating impressive websites for a big screen, small screen and anything with a screen. Love sharp pixels, simple interfaces, jogging, strong coffee, ios and my cat.

215 Projects
Successfully Launched

"Houston, we've got them launched!" ... and counting, sharing passion to design and build fresh, clean and highly crafted online projects with smart and curious people.

15 Years of
Web Design Experience

I still have a lot of fun wrapping my mind around creative ideas, designing and developing with passion and integrity, from logos and wireframes to bringing complex digital solutions to life.


UI Design for Drexy App

  • iOS
  • Android

Several other projects and logo designs I've done



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